things are about to get salty in here.






Chicken Nuggets

Reblog if you think going to a psychologist for any reason isn’t abnormal or psycho.


I’m trying to prove my douche friend wrong, and I’ll be showing it to them on Monday. Please signal boost this!

people keep saying “well shadow mist is coming out and the ocg still has stratos so it’s fine if we can have stratos too then!”

uh hey people did you guys forget that the ocg only has one bubble man. that’s why.

>person says that ROTA should stay at one because “too much searching”

>same person says Tenki is fine at 3

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Reliving Umineko: Why was I given a heart?

"Since long before the start of the modern era, humans have constantly searched for the elements that make up the world. And then one day, a single man appeared thanks to a star’s guidance, and finally explained the single element that makes up the world. Do you know what it is? Your worries are all due to love. In short, that’s the world’s single element. It’s everything in this world. When you are missing that, it means your world is missing something. When Adam and Eve put the fruit of knowledge to their lips, they learned love. Because of this, people were chased out of paradise and gained what’s needed to be a person."

Umineko no Naku Koro ni musicbox Blue Disc 1


"Siesta 45, 410, execution completed. We await your next order, great Lady Beatrice. Please… your order!"

"From babysitting, to being your opponent in an online game, to shooting down a space shuttle - we’ll take care of everything. Nihihi!”


"you see, battler, it’s a metaphor," says beatrice as she puts the pipe in her mouth

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